Internet banner ad profit sharing making printed retractable banner obsolete

Sky Media will launch in September "bloggers profit-sharing plan, advocated users to upload audio and video files, advertisers, advertising can take this carousel, as long as the ad is clicked, bloggers will be able to make money, but this ad placement exactly will attract users to click on, and questions remain. This kind of profit sharing advertising could never be feasible in traditional media like retrcatble banners.

Bloggers upload videos to your own blog which video files will be placed ads, users watch videos, click on the ad below to appreciate, bloggers can get a click, $0.35 cash back . Sky Media CEO Chen Ming Yao, which is America's first online video profit-sharing mechanism to implement user-generated content web 2.0 concept.

Mazda use retractable banner stands to promote design oriented new car

With lower oil prices, the automobile market seems to slowly back to temperature, but we need to restore prosperity. Mazda small car tunes, overweight launch high-end large saloon cars, retractable banner stands ads reiterated the three Japanese contemporary masters of Japanese aesthetics DNA of the brand to attract top-level consumers.

Originally expected oil price cut, will drive the automobile market active, ready to accept the global recession offset, coupled with the America stock market plunged, scared off a lot of car consumers. Under the energy-saving Province carbon wave of car marketing bias demands functional nature and emphasis on fuel consumption or price promotions, however, MAZDA but contrarian operation launched stressed combination Ando Tadao, Ozawa levy Seoul, and the mountain of this Yiu Division and other Japanese contemporary masters aesthetic concepts million cars.

How wine brand use retractable banner in charity sponsorship

Corporate Philanthropy marketing, you can spend a large budget events, the media exposed Johnnie Walker budget to social sake of dreamers, through forward as the spirit of the brand spokesperson.

The economic downturn, a deletion of the enterprise, is usually no real effective marginal expenditures, such as a charity sponsorship with retractable banner marketing. However, the well-known winemakers Diageo fifth "Keep Walking Fund on" Winners yesterday (11/6) came out to break the slump myth, dreams still provide a $ 10 million gold support dream, to go its own way. Diageo Managing Director of the America branch Chenyun Xi said, this term award winner, and the biggest difference in the past, is concerned about the "education", whether it wants to help the next generation, dropouts or inmates have let America become better vision.

How real estate use cost effective retractable banner stands to sell cheap housing

The recession many corporate austerity budget, declined to invest. However, the Yongqing housing Following the launch the chief advisory group for top-off layer, and overweight thirty million, launched the "Special Zone" service average consumer want to buy affordable housing.

Although the central bank for nearly a month and a half, has cut interest rates four times and released a two-year low preferential mortgage rates bullish conditions, hoping to stimulate consumers approach buying a house. Affected by the financial tsunami, the consumer home-owned models more or less affected, even if willing, also still keep the wait-and-see attitude of the market.


YC Realty Network recently issued homebuyers intention retractable banner stands for its members, the results show that there is indeed a more than 70% of consumer home budgets shrink. Which consumers in addition to passive hope that the government continues to lower mortgage interest rates, increase in the proportion of foreign bank loans, there are more than 65% of consumers and real estate companies take the initiative to recommend a good, reasonably priced living, house.