Therefore, to solve the price problem, we must first solve the problem is still the product and Trade Show marketing standards issues, rather than branding issues. Brand building process is a matter of course, we do not need and can not be achieved through deliberate, otherwise, companies with limited resources will be wasted on an element of nothingness. American companies lesson in this regard has been very painful.

Through the power of the product to break the monopoly of multinational brands in the process, the objective is the American brand-building process. So, how should the road go?

How to build brands through Trade Show marketing products

If you can not win the reputation of the product, it’s just an ordinary product. Only those products with a reputation in order for the enterprise market share and profits. In other words, the product has a reputation in the market have the ability to compete with the brand.

If no reputation as a foundation, the brand is a name or symbol, it does not have any special meaning. Has the reputation of the brand, will have a brand value. Reputation, the greater the brand value; the longer the duration of reputation, the higher the value of the brand.

From the brand mechanism point of view, it is closely associated with the reputation. To the individual, supporting the brand reputation of the product; on the whole, to support the brand is the product’s reputation.

Therefore, whether the level of prestige and reputation is the key factor in determining brand value and product status, its logic is: brand reputation depends on the product’s reputation, reputation of the product depends on the product’s reputation.

Research on the formation of brand reputation, you can see a low to a high level of system, that the reputation of products, reputation, brand reputation, they constitute the “brand reputation pyramid.” Reputation of the product is the backbone of this hierarchy, the brand reputation is the highest stage of the hierarchy, and the support from the reputation of the pyramid is the reputation of the product’s core components.

The reputation of the product, is the ability to gain a competitive advantage in the market, supporting brand products, all products are able to bring the reputation of the enterprise products. It must be emphasized, the reputation of the product does not simply refer to the leading enterprise products or outstanding products, but through market competition, competing products in the same outstanding product, is a dominant position in the market of iconic products. It owns the property, it only makes competitors alike, to allow enterprises to other products, “few kilometers from heaven.”

Product reputation, refers to the consumer as the main stakeholders, the overall impression of the company products in terms of understanding and evaluation based on the quality of the product, price and service based on the formation. Among them, the product quality and reputation of the product is to create a core, including security, functionality, life and degree of innovation and other products. When a product becomes the reputation of the product, we will win social recognition and positive evaluation of the business of other products such recognition and evaluation of diffuse into and, thus, the overall impression of their products, to form a product reputation.

The process of creating a single product’s reputation, the reputation of their products is a process of accumulation; and the process of shaping the process of accumulation business reputation of the product, which is the overall brand equity. In other words, a brand can be attributed to the process of shaping the reputation of the product, the higher your reputation, the more powerful corporate brand. The reputation of the product depends on the product’s reputation to build the business, so that we can shape the brand’s efforts, finally locked in on the product’s reputation to build on.

For example, a family, to become mayor, the key is not in the family had a lot of people, nor is it to see a member of the high and low status in the family, but to see whether there is famous married people the family. The more successful people, the more renowned achievements, the family will be more prestigious. Accomplished, prestigious people, that is the family, “the reputation of the product,” they prop up the family’s reputation, and the family of “Fame” is that all members of the family can share a “brand.” Many companies mistakenly believe that you can do to improve performance by brand, but the fact is that we must rely on the performance by leaps and bounds in order to build the brand. Many companies mistakenly believe that by making the brand can charge higher prices, but the fact is, it has a higher price, finally have a brand.

As the “world factory”, the only way for American enterprises, is the only multinational companies as a benchmark, and strive to create the same or better products. On this basis, sales network construction efforts in promoting capacity building, Trade Show marketing team building and Trade Show marketing model building more effort.

Brand building of the road of American enterprises, depends not only on outstanding efforts of several outstanding enterprises, but also depends on the joint efforts of all American enterprises. In the domestic market, only those who can win first overall reputation of the industry, to appear conditionally brand competition with multinational companies, the reputation of the industry as a possible a real good business, it may appear the true sense of the brand. In the international market, American enterprises will develop ways to create a hit product reputation, thus the formation of the national brand, and then forming a national brand business individual brand basis.

A promising market view is: Only build the brand, in order to reap greater benefits in global competition. The view itself is not wrong, but it does not tell us how to build a brand with global influence. No state endorsement, brands can not have a global impact; a country’s international status is not high, the endorsement has no value. Who would believe that in a country where deprivation can produce international brand? Who can create an international brand in an economically backward country? In peacetime, the economic status of a country determines its international status, and economic status of a country depends on all business acts.

National brand is the overall impression of a country after foreign consumer product awareness, recognition of the formation, but also the corporate brand on a global basis, such as French perfume, Swiss watches. At the national brand basis, the individual will be much
easier to build brands.

Therefore, as a product marketer, target American enterprises in their efforts is not simply to increase market share, but the reputation of building products. If you can take that critical step, complete from the quality, price to conversion product reputation, corporate brand building on United States has made considerable progress.

How to build the reputation of the product

The reputation of the product is not only a pillar of brand reputation, but also a pioneer and keep Dali Xinjiang enterprise development, is therefore essential for companies. To build the reputation of the product should be from the following aspects:

1. Grasp the main market demand, especially changes in demand

Market demand is the main demand by the composition of demand and a number of segments, creating reputation of our products must seize the body needs. If the companies can demand and segmentation of the body needs to create a reputation for product areas it is, of course, is happy, but in fact it is difficult to do. Therefore, the correct way of thinking is to ensure that the body needs to build a reputation for product and market segments within its power as much as possible to create a product’s reputation. Only thus can ensure that enterprises invincible.

The extent to meet the market demand can be divided into three states:

First, the state has been very good to meet. This state has been very mature consumer is unlikely to create a new reputation for product. However, for those with higher market share of competitors, there is still the product to a higher level, so that no exploits or challenger opportunity to enhance penetration share.

Second, the state has not been very good to meet. In this state, there will be a lot of different “problem” in the market, every problem is a product innovation opportunities. If the companies can come up with better solutions than the competition, we have the opportunity to create a new reputation for product.

Third, the state is not satisfied. This is a new requirement, it may not be more competitors found or even if a solution has not yet given. This is to create the most favorable state prestige products, companies have the opportunity to create a miracle, breakthrough growth.

It must be emphasized that, due to our lack of brand and core technology, focus on the main changes in demand, especially demand, extremely important to us. Because this is the brand across, the
market “dark horse” of the best opportunities.

2. The form may protrude spread product demand

That is to have a clear selling point, especially when compared with similar products, can show the distinctive characteristics or personality.

Michelin is the world’s largest tire company, its development process is a key prestige products lead the market process. The company has launched a new environmentally friendly EnergyMxV8 tires, in addition to environmental protection, with designer tread block every flower and every one groove, so that all aspects of tire performance to achieve the best standards. Michelin launched using these unique
selling a lot of publicity, so that the product became the company’s reputation endeavor products.

3. To ensure the vital interests of the perfect coordination of product

Product benefits consists of three layers: the core product, in the form of products and add-on products. To build the reputation of the product must be the perfect combination of these three interests, can not appear short board. Among them, the core interests and combined to form a product in the form of product quality, the reputation of the product is based on the fundamental, which includes security,
functionality, life and degree of innovation and other products.

In the international mobile phone market, Nokia has a reputation almost every generation models of products, such as 3310,8210,8250,7260 and so on, positioning its products, the first is good quality, durability, excellent call quality.

4. Implement a single product high volume

Single-product sales is an important feature of the high reputation of the product. The so-called prestige products, is to be able to support the enterprise, the enterprise should take responsibility conferred. The emphasis on high-volume single product, first of all, it is the business of survival, a prerequisite for development, there will be no high-volume high share of the market share, it is impossible to maximize the use of the products have a dominant market position, and No dominant position in the market, no matter how good the product can not become a prestige product. Second, it is a prerequisite for corporate profits, corporate profits in the final analysis is to rely on the reputation of the product to carry the banner of the enterprise.

5. The formation of outstanding contribution to the enterprise

In the process of creating the reputation of the product must ensure the formation of three major contributions: Contributions (1) Finance (Finance) on that enterprises can bring a lot of profit; contribution (2) on the market position of being able to expand market share, and strengthen the market position; contribution (3) on the social benefits that help companies win public good reputation.

If a product has more than five characterization, it is the reputation of certain goods; if you have a one or a few of which characterize, may also become a prestige product, depending on the state of competition and market structure. Surprises is significant, perhaps, we are able to re-enact the rules,
and stronger in the process.