New product launch by Trade Show promotion

End new product Trade Show promotion is strategic penetration operation, as long as they accurately determine market characteristics, product characteristics and operating the starting point, grasp the new product Trade Show promotion is not the behavior of sellers, but are designed to promote, dealers will be able to figure out the crack of the Road.

The first one: leveraging the power

Case: Zhang local influential dealers, but with the recent Trade Show promotion of new products have been repeatedly rejected while the second installment of distress among the trapped. He pondered: forged so many years and the second installment of emotion at this time why seemed so vulnerable? With the second installment of their degree is getting worse, conditions are more and more talk less and talk face more affordable. And they really do not come from the second installment of a larger profit sales, but from the second installment of the general sales seen growing appetite second installment large, more and more high maintenance.

Zhang finally realize the truth: big second installment hinder their business, especially new product Trade Show promotion. It seems appropriate to change the past, ideas and models on the market repositioning and development channels, conduct terminal operations.

Brand building by Trade Show marketing

Therefore, to solve the price problem, we must first solve the problem is still the product and Trade Show marketing standards issues, rather than branding issues. Brand building process is a matter of course, we do not need and can not be achieved through deliberate, otherwise, companies with limited resources will be wasted on an element of nothingness. American companies lesson in this regard has been very painful.

Through the power of the product to break the monopoly of multinational brands in the process, the objective is the American brand-building process. So, how should the road go?

How to build brands through Trade Show marketing products

If you can not win the reputation of the product, it’s just an ordinary product. Only those products with a reputation in order for the enterprise market share and profits. In other words, the product has a reputation in the market have the ability to compete with the brand.

If no reputation as a foundation, the brand is a name or symbol, it does not have any special meaning. Has the reputation of the brand, will have a brand value. Reputation, the greater the brand value; the longer the duration of reputation, the higher the value of the brand.

From the brand mechanism point of view, it is closely associated with the reputation. To the individual, supporting the brand reputation of the product; on the whole, to support the brand is the product’s reputation.