National and regional uneven development, is the world divided into two poles: the national and entity-based products and services mainly to the production countries; and to the production of high-tech entities based country and with low technology products for the entity brand products based country and non-branded products based country; the main countries.

The United States is a low-tech, non-branded product mainly a national entity, with the same type of other countries is different, we are fortunate to become a “world factory”. On the one hand, multinational companies have set up factories in the United States, and their products are not only sold in the United States, and sold around the world; on the other hand, international brands in the United States by OEM way for the global supply of goods, while American companies through their own efforts to form a global radiation of strong production capacity.

However an accepted fact that, despite United States in the global production of goods, but not equal. United States sells goods to the world simply as “the world’s workshop” on the global market, American companies are just the product of “producer “, it is not qualified products” salesman “, but not” marketers. ” If you do not change this situation, the American market will become a paradise for multinational corporations, United States will become the global market multinational Custom Feather Flags wholesale manufacturer source.

Therefore, we must set the “world’s workshop” up to “the world of Feather Flag advertising workshop” The transition from the world of “producer” as “marketers.” The key issues are: What is the correct way to achieve this change?

Prosperity under worries

In the American market for all non-profitable areas of administrative monopoly, multinational companies are flocking; at the same time, the face of the international market, American enterprises have also swarmed out of. Obtained through investment “world factory” status, the prosperity of the American economy, the America gradually stronger, but on the other hand, because of the prosperity of the economy, so we ignore the leading multinational and strong position in the American
market; for transnational Companies, pleasing products enhance our material standard of living, so we ignore the long-term impact on our economy of transnational corporations; for the leading role of multinational enterprise and progress of the United States, so we ignore the inhibition of multinational companies in United States’s long-term growth potential.

If American companies can gradually occupied the domestic market ground to dominate the American market, foreign market can not be a global capacities to compete in the global market, then, with the American market gradually saturated, the transfer of foreign capital and American enterprises will decline at some future time. At the same time comes, we will miss a historic opportunity to develop a once.

Thus, in how American companies on the single issue of Feather Flag advertising, there is a “American enterprises to compete with multinational companies” issue. Do not solve this problem, the competition among American companies will evolve into cannibalism; do not solve this problem, even if we can sell to the world, it is impossible to find, as they have in the field, it is impossible to achieve sustainable growth.

It should be noted, the “world factory” status not only created a use of global resources, the development of global market conditions and platform for us, but also for us to create a market and multinational companies in United States, and then to compete effectively on a global scale possible. The question is whether we can find a way to crack the multinational strong brand competitiveness.

Obvious that the problem can not be solved in the American market, it is impossible to find the answer on the world market. American companies can not dominate the American market, it is impossible to have gained a favorable position in the global market. Face has been the internationalization of the American market as well as a truly international market, American enterprises must be accurately positioned development path in the global competitive landscape. This
is not what business problems, but the common problem of American enterprises, American enterprises must be able to reach a consensus and a common effort.

This joint effort, not an attempt to become a brand marketer overnight, but the first to become outstanding product marketers.

What multinational companies and competition

American enterprises and multinational biggest difference is the brand and core technology.

Brand and core technology from enterprise capabilities, it is the result of a long-term investment and accumulation. We can buy core technology and brand, such as Chery buy engine technology, Lenovo to buy IBM, but we can not buy capacity. If we compete from the core technology and brand with a multinational that would be a confrontation with the giant dwarf, it is a financially and time can not afford way.

As the pioneer of the American market, the home appliance industry practice can give us some inspiration. In the 1980s, even before the mid-1990s, with foreign brands of home appliances is the dream of most American cities, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sanyo and other flourishing in United States, but today, they are already obsolete. Although both the brand or technology, American enterprises are still beyond the reach, but the American household electrical appliance enterprises to defend
the American market, and to secure the right to enter the international market.

Practice home appliance industry, with consumers willing to accept products repulsed multinational technology and brand. TNCs may earn a profit, but we won the market. The purpose of business is to create customers, with customers will have a future, customers can give you time and cash, so you have the opportunity to gradually grow up. If the developed countries and transnational corporations monopolize both brands, technology, and the monopoly of the end product, then the Japanese developing countries will never emerge. The only thing you can choose to break this situation breakthrough, is to break their monopoly on the end product. United States’s huge market and abundant human resources, to the American enterprises to provide a multinational force in some areas to give up the end product, could focus on its core technology. If American companies will expand the market’s ability to expand from United States into the global, the ability to carry out this game will be more powerful.

In the long term, the manufacturing sector in developed countries, regardless of the low-end or high-end, will continue to shift to developing countries. Conform to this trend, first become an excellent product Feather Flag advertising, became the leader of the production entity, the occupation end markets, is a strategic choice of American enterprises in the coming period. The implementation of this strategy, but also American enterprises from product marketer’s first step towards brand Feather Flag advertising.

Crack multinational brand competition

Brands represented on the one hand can make the difference between a product or service, come out, on the other hand can go beyond the product, the use of brand awareness, reputation and loyalty curb challengers or competitors. Further, it is the use of brand power, monopoly profits. But not all brands have these effects, only a strong brand can be achieved.

American brand building are growing louder, the direct cause is unbearable strong multinational brand competition. If we do not first find a way to break this pressure, it is impossible to have the opportunity to build their own brand. Long-term practice tells us that those who break the competitive pressures of brand Feather Flag advertising process itself is brand building process.

And to find the way, the premise is to really understand the nature and the cornerstone of the brand, otherwise it will lead to blind worship and waste of corporate brand Feather Flag advertising resources, it will help multinational companies establish a “brand chauvinism.”

Multinational brand through long-term investment, to establish a strong brand influence, and later simply can not afford to compete with their peers because they monopolized all walks of brand resources. According to Boston-based “three or four law” in a mature industry and market, to become brand competitors, the use of brand resources are a handful of competing firms. However, we can compete in the American market, multinational companies, as well as the practice
of American enterprises and multinational corporations to compete, to explore ways to break the brand competition.

Before the mid-1990s, the American mobile communications market, Motorola is the absolute monopoly, while Nokia entered the American market, compared to Motorola is the absolute “weak.” “People-oriented” brand communication, did not make the Nokia to win the market, let alone shake the monopoly of Motorola. We have seen Nokia transformed the way they compete and expand the product offensive: it uses more pleasing industrial design to make the product more attractive, the introduction of color covers mobile phones, launched a cash-strapped who let envy of 8810, introduced the first section camera phone, launched the first MP3 phone. It is no longer a single spread the brand, but the emphasis on the spread of a leisurely novel and unique products. In Nokia’s product offensive, motor Roto slow due to product innovation into a long slump, until the product again to keep pace with the market, and only lamented what it used to.