Your budget spent on the Cheap Retractable Banners will determine the size, location, and duration of your flash store. In order to determine what is most cost effective pop up display solution for you, you have to know everything about the price first. You have to make a few calls, or spend some time to research online for the cheapest
Retractable Banner wholesale source.

The price of a Cheapest Retractable Banner Stand + custom banner printed may be as low as $59. However, this kind of Retractable Banners are close to disposable grade which is only good for a few trade shows; or a short term promotional period only.

Retractable Banners -

Retractable Banners –

If you decide to rent a Booth at a Trade Show or marketplace, you can consider to buy this kind of Cheap Retractable Banners which you could simply discard it upon the completion of the event. Again, you will have to call some numbers and do some research to determine the price in your area.

In the long run, considering the Cheaper Retractable Banners are not necessarily the most cost effective option. Although purchasing a cheap low quality Retractable Banner Stand may be the cheapest option at the first moment, it may not give you the best ROI if you plan to use it repeatedly for a few years for different Trade Show or events. When determining your budget, you have to balance the quality of and cost of the Retractable Banners, based on the number of times and life span of the sign display you plan to use.

You also do not have to venture into the cost of Retractable Banner Stands. If you want to cut costs, consider working with other businesses. Find a retailer, compliment your business and see if you can build a booth together. As a group, you can share the cost, experience in buying fixed equipment to help store your goods, distracting the store with co-marketing.

You should also negotiate with your landlord or management. Do not sign a rental agreement without bargaining with management. When negotiating your short-term lease, you should consider renting, deposits, utilities, insurance, shop and property maintenance. Sometimes, you can even have a creative lease agreement instead of paying rent, claiming an easy revenue share agreement.