End new product Trade Show promotion is strategic penetration operation, as long as they accurately determine market characteristics, product characteristics and operating the starting point, grasp the new product Trade Show promotion is not the behavior of sellers, but are designed to promote, dealers will be able to figure out the crack of the Road.

The first one: leveraging the power

Case: Zhang local influential dealers, but with the recent Trade Show promotion of new products have been repeatedly rejected while the second installment of distress among the trapped. He pondered: forged so many years and the second installment of emotion at this time why seemed so vulnerable? With the second installment of their degree is getting worse, conditions are more and more talk less and talk face more affordable. And they really do not come from the second installment of a larger profit sales, but from the second installment of the general sales seen growing appetite second installment large, more and more high maintenance.

Zhang finally realize the truth: big second installment hinder their business, especially new product Trade Show promotion. It seems appropriate to change the past, ideas and models on the market repositioning and development channels, conduct terminal operations.

Start, Zhang alone implementation of the development of the terminal retail outlets. In the past, only to establish a business relationship with the second installment of the terminal retail is very strange, Zhang found that terminal Retail only buy second installment of “account”, and Zhang has misgivings.

After careful thought, Zhang began to consciously negotiated an influential second installment in each region, with their second installment of the fee have the designated terminal led to the Trade Show promotion of new products, all profits go directly back to the designated post The second installment of the way, forced open the terminal market. In the end, not only completed the successful Trade Show promotion of new products terminals, but also solve the second installment does not accept the first round of new product Trade Show promotion issues, but also to build its own terminal network, lifting the second installment of big business resistance.

Comment: In reality, some dealers did in the terminal network is seriously lagging behind. So, how can we do in the end success of new products? Zhang This use of the second installment of the terminal network resources, with the second installment of the way to complete the operation of the terminal network, a smart choice.

The second measure: drastic

Case: Area road manager is a strong beer brand production location, the market mainstream beer brand is the local brand, and sales have been ranked first. When the field of a local beer company’s sales personnel requirements road managers to operate their own brand, the road manager readily agreed. Such a decision to let a lot of people to understand, because for a strong brand, “trees do not grow grass,” the truth that everyone understand why road manager even took over?

Soon the road manager for branded products pull back, the strange thing is that he does not own the product directly to the warehouse, but directly discharged to the second installment of the township large warehouse, and the warehouse was signed with them directly and a database management agreement. Agreement specifically agreed three: 1 The product is unloaded into other warehouses, the other party is not responsible for sales; 2 road manager agreed to pay a certain amount of storage fees; 3 the other party must hold people accountable for outbound shipments, the road manager takes made during that period. Wage costs of goods and persons.

Just when everyone was confused on the occasion, the road manager has been plastered in villages in the township to recruit its own agricultural motor tricycle sell beer ads: Those who bring their own cars in the beer product seller, in addition to subsidies for fuel costs every day, meals outside, beer commission 1 yuan each. Rural household Jie agricultural motor tricycle, and a time when the slack season, so quite economically minded rural people surrounded them, have turned out to recruit a town of nearly 1000 agricultural motor tricycles.

Mighty team pulled beer began selling door to door along the street. Due to the geographical relationship of this team, this “mopping up” type of terminal extension quickly make the product distribution rate of 95%, a large influence is also unprecedented.

Due to strong local brands aging products, price transparency, leading to passage profit margin is too small, to later foreign brand provides an excellent opportunity to road manager operated beer products it was quickly topped the list of local consumption.

Comment: terminal from the consumer lately, because they directly face the consumer spending and purchasing. This natural condition, not only conducive to the Trade Show promotion of successful new products, but also in a weak position to make new products, the new brand to avoid a strong competitor censorship, find the space their own survival and development.

The third measure: Bundled

Case: Liu boss in the district for many years, not only to establish a better relationship between the second installment of the Internet, but also to advance in the terminal areas set up their own network infrastructure.

Last month, Liu boss’s main brand has listed a new product, the dealer must require manufacturers to expand the Trade Show promotion of new products in the terminal. Liu boss secretly glad that they are wise, because they end network infrastructure better, the manufacturer would certainly be a market model.

Liu boss may not like the fact that they want it simple, the terminal for several days to promote new products to no avail, a result that Liu boss do nothing.

Once, Liu boss at the newspaper found a new product terminal extension path: if other products terminal sales their own business is very good, with the end-selling products and new product bundling Trade Show promotion in the terminal, the effect will certainly be good.

Liu boss and his men together to develop a new product Trade Show promotion end bundled program so blend of old and new products in the Trade Show promotion policy, and she successfully completed the new products in the Trade Show promotion of the terminal.

Comment: end new product Trade Show promotion really difficult, because the end of the acceptance of new products is much lower than the second installment, in addition to the terminal outlets conservative market characteristics, if not resolve concerns about the point of sale terminal, the terminal is difficult to promote the success of new products.

Fourth trick: Experience

Case: Wang just took a little-known but very good quality wine estate. Since the liquor market competition is more intense, the second installment of the resources are controlled by the big brands. So, before you expect to take over Mr. Wang, the brand’s products in the successful Trade Show promotion of traditional channels is difficult, we must succeed through differentiated channels become operational.

After a product is pulled back, Wang confidence to promote the development of the terminal program, but after a few days of trial operation found that the terminal market nor a pure land, the degree of competition to be fierce than their own imagination. Terminal outlets pick rate is very poor day, not simply to promote a few items.

But Wang found that the terminal has been reluctant to accept the goods, mainly due to lack of confidence in the product quality, worry not look back after consumers not to buy or consume. To solve this problem, binding was Mid-Autumn Festival, Wang made a bold decision: Registered sales. That is the first delivery of goods is not money, sent months of sales, the same day the return of profits to the terminal point of sale the same day of the sales. Since the appropriate measures, coupled with the Trade Show promotion and consumer end point of sale presence of tasting, 80% of the delivery of the goods in the same day have achieved dynamic sales. Because of better quality product, consumers buy back rate, terminal sales situation is getting better every day. Eventually, the terminal starts initiative to cargo.

Comment: In reality, many dealers to end new product Trade Show promotion mistaken for new product sales terminals, take a simple transaction. As the market awareness and acceptance of new products, poor, slow consumer acceptance and other factors, led to the failure of new product terminal extension. In fact, as long as they find new products to promote resistance to end the crux of the terminal to promote the success of new products is not difficult.

Fifth strokes: Fishing formula

Case: as manager is a real estate liquor dealers, although the business product awareness is not high, there is no corresponding policy support, but the product has come from behind, the removal of the market sales of the first title. The reason?

When he took over as manager in the product, we must know that liquor sales to be successful over two Hom: First manufacture epidemic. Liquor unpopular, drink it up, rather than the popular real estate liquor impossible to achieve sales success. Second, the terminal sales Trade Show promotion and Trade Show marketing. We can say that the
food industry only sold liquor second installment eat “food alone,” that once took over the second installment of your product, the township area where he can be his exclusive sales. Well-known brands can do, because it is not a lack of sales basis, while real estate liquor is not, because it is difficult to find the strength of the second installment. Even if you can find the strength of the second installment, it is difficult to satisfy his appetite, or directly by him “crushed” in their hands.

For the above, as manager developed a “fishing style” terminal extension plan that rallies in each town, the temple of time to carry out centralized opera performances, and supporting large-scale Trade Show promotional campaign, relying on terminal retailers for customers to carry out “Marriage buy wine flowers car”, “folk cook push wine
fraternity” and other activities.

The series “In the end around” services, not only the formation of a sales environment terminals, direct service to the terminal sales, but also to stimulate consumer desire to buy, so that products in the terminal extension of problems solved.