How Feather Flag wholesale manufacturers win multinational corporations

National and regional uneven development, is the world divided into two poles: the national and entity-based products and services mainly to the production countries; and to the production of high-tech entities based country and with low technology products for the entity brand products based country and non-branded products based country; the main countries.

The United States is a low-tech, non-branded product mainly a national entity, with the same type of other countries is different, we are fortunate to become a “world factory”. On the one hand, multinational companies have set up factories in the United States, and their products are not only sold in the United States, and sold around the world; on the other hand, international brands in the United States by OEM way for the global supply of goods, while American companies through their own efforts to form a global radiation of strong production capacity.

However an accepted fact that, despite United States in the global production of goods, but not equal. United States sells goods to the world simply as “the world’s workshop” on the global market, American companies are just the product of “producer “, it is not qualified products” salesman “, but not” marketers. ” If you do not change this situation, the American market will become a paradise for multinational corporations, United States will become the global market multinational Custom Feather Flags wholesale manufacturer source.

Therefore, we must set the “world’s workshop” up to “the world of Feather Flag advertising workshop” The transition from the world of “producer” as “marketers.” The key issues are: What is the correct way to achieve this change?