To build the reputation of the product, to enterprises in the product life cycle introduction, growth marketing efforts put forward higher requirements, not only requires the allocation of resources, it also requires the marketing level. If the resources are inadequate investment, product growth is insufficient to make a market share of less than ideal level, the efforts of enterprises will be aborted, which is the enterprise often mistake; if the marketing level insufficient or excessive manipulation of marketing with Retractable Banners, such as excessive price promotions or abuse It means, but also make excessive release of energy products, thus affecting the expected product profitability, market position and life cycle. Build all these will eventually damage the reputation of the product.

How about the reputation of the product

Build the reputation of the product

Product’s reputation for shaping the reputation of their products, both “a prosperity,” the positive effects, but also “a loss for both sides,” the negative effects. At the same time, “Wood show in the forest wind will destroy,” a reputation for product support if there is no portfolio in the role of competition will inevitably shorten the life cycle.

In order to ensure the successful building reputation for their products contribute to the reputation of the product, companies must adhere to the following principles:

1. The combination of principle

Build a successful reputation in the initial product, we must focus on the reputation of the product portfolio, form a covering target market, to prevent excessive competition rival product group.

Faced with the needs of each class or each level, businesses can not build a reputation for more than two products, but must focus on the reputation of the product, according to market capacity, competition situation and future prospects of competition, has formed a number of significant differences, the mission of a different product mix. This combination will not only expand the coverage of the target market, to seize more market share, while the reputation of the product to form a “firewall.”

Portfolio member, one needs as good, on the other hand must have significant differences. The only way to not only highlights the product’s reputation, but also between complementary products, to maximize the effect of the purpose of the reputation of the product.

2. Upgrade principle

If the reputation of product problems, resulting in serious consequences business is unaffordable. Therefore, the reputation of the product must be the product life-cycle management projects, and pledged to take a different marketing, finance, manufacturing, sales and human resource strategies at different stages of the life cycle, of which the most important is the development of different marketing and manufacturing strategy to ensure that product reputation in the market dominant position.

3. echelon principle

Even the best products, then a high position in the market, are difficult to guarantee a product’s reputation never decline. Therefore, the enterprises in the management of the reputation of the product must adhere to the “echelon principle”, and by adhering to this principle, the formation of the reputation of the product pipeline update.

The so-called tier principle, is to the reputation of products based on its product portfolio will focus on the formation is divided into three echelons: the first tier is the market share has been relatively stable products, form the basis for enterprise performance and stability; the second tier is the market share is growing The products form the basis for corporate earnings growth; and third echelon are being developed or are promoting a product, will bring new opportunities for business growth.

Three echelons of management principles are:

First, keep the reputation of the product and its product portfolio will be perfect the first echelon, extend its life cycle, expanding its performance, allowed the greatest possible cash flow, expand corporate earnings, so that enterprises have the ability to second, third echelon of investment products.

Secondly, increasing the potential for investment in the second echelon of products, to facilitate their growing reputation as a new generation of products, or the reputation of the original product Brilliance, or replaced when the reputation of the original product recession. We look at the Mercedes-Benz, BMW nearly 20 years of product update process, and nearly 10 years of Nokia product substitution, we can clearly feel how timely they are first, second echelon of product management, precision, how thoughtful.

Finally, the ongoing new product development and reserves, the need for timely introduction of new products based on the development of competition and to ensure that the second echelon product Ebb Tide, there is a new product appears reputation.

Echelon of product management, we must do two key tasks:

One is to ensure the formation of the three-tier reputation around products. The only way to have a quiet room for maneuver in the aftermath of the reputation of the product and its composition into maturity, while the lack of new sources of growth, on the other hand the lack of “substitutes”, companies will fall into a passive.

The second is to ensure that the three-tier between the normal conversion and mutual support. The first echelon to provide financial support for the second and third tier, while the second and third tier to the first tier can continue to convey the product’s reputation.

When companies can build a reputation and a product, and is formed around its product portfolio, while echelon of product portfolio management, build a reputation pipeline product updates, companies continued, long-term effort will be to create a superior product reputation. Because each product will be strong support for the branding with Retractable Banner’s reputation, the reputation of the product and its product portfolio by the escalating updated product’s reputation, and already has a branding with Retractable Banner value: customer beyond the specific products, the product will be loyal to corporate reputation, into corporate trust all products. This trust is already branding with Retractable Banner loyalty of.

In fact, 20 years of American enterprises branding with Retractable Banner road, not “as also branding with Retractable Banner also lost branding with Retractable Banner”, it is the “Success Products Products loser”, a product achievement of a “branding with Retractable Banner”, but also because a product to destroy a ” branding with Retractable Banner, “the case everywhere. The reason is simple: it is not the branding with Retractable Banner, but only one product. One or two influential products, insufficient achievement of a real branding with Retractable Banner. Only through long and hard, with a generation better than generation of products, in order to ultimately casting a real branding with Retractable Banner.

King of the road hardships

The starting point of this paper is on the global market (first in the American market), no branding with Retractable Banner of American companies how to compete with multinational branding with Retractable Banner competition (including no branding with Retractable Banner of American companies how to compete with the primary branding with Retractable Banner of American enterprises competition). Our ultimate goal is how American enterprises should find their own branding with Retractable Banner.

When we express this view, it seems to avoid such a phenomenon:

Mercedes, BMW is not high performance car, is not simply a high-tech product, it represents a status and identity. Beyond its products have been difficult by his difficulties, and would like to go beyond the connotation of its branding with Retractable Banner on the more difficult, it is the product of generations of excellence and long-term huge investment to build out the branding with Retractable Banner.

Nike is no longer a nice, comfortable sports clothing, which represents fashion and aggressive. Young hot pursuit of it, consumption is an experience, a pursuit, not just the product itself.

The essence of the problem is: not that we do not want to become the branding with Retractable Banner marketers, but we can not become the branding with Retractable Banner marketers, since the gap between technology and economic strength of the American companies is difficult to compete with the multinational peer. Multinational campaign for many years of outstanding performance and long-term branding with Retractable Banner investment, and developed a reputation in the country around the world, so that they have the ability to occupy this market? consumer concern is no longer the product itself, but on behalf of the connotation of the branding with Retractable Banner, as well as high-quality services. Faced with these “Big Mac”, we must bide.

branding with Retractable Banners path we give, the surface is conservative, but in the global competition, which is one of the most positive way, is a real king of the road with a spirit of enduring hardships. We in product development and manufacturing have the basic conditions, this path also leads to a broad market space.

Even in developed countries, due to changes in consumer attitudes, concerned about the cost of the group is expanding, the rise of Wal-Mart and other large supermarket deeply reflect this change. Inexpensive products that can help people more money for the non-material consumption, thereby improving quality of life. On the other hand, the majority of the developing markets for future economic growth provides maximum space and low-income reality determines only affordable products to win the market in order to enable them to prosperity.

Different companies, in different circumstances, of course, should have a different marketing options. In fact, as long as with the right marketing concepts, in the correct way, companies will naturally make the right choice. The question is, when is widely recognized that as American enterprises lack the branding with Retractable Banner-building, and public opinion also strongly rendering, it will generate more confusion. We need to explore that, in the global competition, American companies should stick to what kind of marketing road, uphold what kind of marketing ideas. Some concepts can learn from, and some of the ideas are worth pursuing.

Leading multinational rules of the game, to promote the marketing alienation: increasingly attracting the interest of the consumer to the symbolic significance of goods and services, rather than use value. However, even in developed countries, which can not form the mainstream consumer, the United States beat Japan commodity large commodity, and “Made in United States” in the US and Europe popular, is the best proof. Here is another alienation: the return of goods from the symbolic meaning of the use value of the goods themselves, consumers are more concerned about the quality and price.